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Troodon – Vertical Trail’s Analytics Hub – is an intelligent analytics Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows any organization the opportunity to benefit from the insights obtained from all types of data.

Thought to be the smartest of all dinosaurs due to its extremely large brain, Troodon is also known for its tremendous speed, predatory expertise, and stereoscopic vision. The Troodon Analytics Hub was designed with these features in mind, allowing our clients the opportunity to dominate their respective markets.

A pre-built, fully-managed solution, Troodon yields valuable insights to help businesses understand the challenges of the day and predict outcomes for the future.

Troodon will help your organization more rapidly adapt, compete, and transform to meet business objectives and market demands.




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Our Framework.

Vertical Trail designs, architects and manages complete business solutions that align business, compliance and technology requirements to improve growth. Our framework accelerates speed-to-market and ensures proper alignment of solutions with market demands.


Vertical Trail works with clients to develop a clear understanding of their business strategy. We identify high-value use cases that can make a meaningful impact on business challenges and goals.


Vertical Trail ensures that there is clear alignment with our clients throughout the entire project. We work collaboratively to ensure that our solutions meet financial, business and technology objectives.


Vertical Trail meticulously implements and tests each solution, to minimize any business disruption throughout the project. We clearly document all of our solutions, and develop operational principles so the environment can be easily managed and maintained. The end result is a solution that helps clients ascend to new heights.

Each of our solutions is custom designed to suit the clients we serve.

For more detailed information about any of our service offerings and how they can work specifically for you, please contact us.