How Wearable IoT is Transforming Patient Care

How Wearable IoT is Transforming Patient Care

Posted by Lawrence Pollastrini


Oct 24, 2018



In response to rising costs, healthcare organizations are looking to new, innovative technologies to help develop and improve affordable patient care. Working with these organizations at the intersection of medicine and technology, Vertical Trail is creating cost-effective, powerful solutions from a smaller source than you think: wearables.

From smartwatches and fitness trackers, to heart rate and blood glucose monitors, millions of Americans have already turned to wearable devices for monitoring their personal fitness and health. In addition to allowing people to take more control over their health and lifestyles, wearables can also help doctors to remotely monitor their patients and allow them to identify and treat certain medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis, diabetes, pulmonary disease, depression, and more.

Wearables collect huge amounts of data that can be compared with other patient data and population data to affect patient outcomes. As Vertical Trail continues to develop data solutions for healthcare organizations, we are finding tremendous opportunity to leverage the power of this data to positively impact the quality of people’s lives.

Wearable Medical Device IoT by Vertical Trail

As a company, we believe data from wearable IoT devices can transform the focus of patient care from reactionary to preventive. To this end, we have developed a wearable IoT device, VTInsights, that collects unique biometric patient data, aligned to solve specific clinical use cases. Our VT device collects critical data at the patient level and communicates through a mobile application to the cloud where the data is aggregated and analyzed using modern machine learning and AI tools allowing us to provide valuable insights back to the providers. Our overall goal is to provide an adaptable platform that can allow health providers the ability to positively impact patient health, safety and quality of life.

Vertical Trail is currently working with several major health systems and medical solution companies to test the viability of our prototype wearable with our healthcare analytics platform. Our preliminary findings show that we may be able to detect the onset of dangerous medical events (such as epileptic seizures, aneurysms, diabetic shock) and prevent harm to many high-risk patients.

Vertical Trail was built on the belief that modern cloud, data, and analytics technologies is best leveraged by identifying and targeting very specific, high-value use cases. By leveraging data collected from wearable IoT devices, we can greatly impact the quality of life for many patients, while also helping to reduce the cost burden of unnecessary inpatient care.

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If you are a healthcare provider seeking information about customizing our healthcare analytics hub with wearable devices to solve specific use cases, contact us.

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