The Role of DevOps in Modernization

The Role of DevOps in Modernization

Posted by Katie Buczkowski


Nov 12, 2018



Our very own DevOps expert, Eric Mader, has written about the role of DevOps in modernization in a recent Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) SELECT article, “DevOps – It’s About Modernization.”

“We’ve all been there. When the rubber meets the road, it seems like the database, operations and development teams are never quite in-sync. No matter how thoroughly executed, tested, documented and validated, something in the production environment is never quite the same as the lower environments – be it a hardware inconsistency, a code mismatch, or even the dreaded typoed command. To add insult to injury, code always seems to change between the time it leaves a developer’s laptop and when it is deployed to a mission-critical system. Solving these issues is the primary motivator behind DevOps.”


What is DevOps?

“Often misinterpreted as a buzzword endorsing development teams taking over platform and infrastructure roles, DevOps is all about development and operational modernization. Rather than operating as siloed, asynchronous teams as has been the norm for decades, DevOps represents a fundamental, holistic, organization-wide shift not only in processes and tools, but in people and culture.”

Read the full article here.


Vertical Trail’s DevOps Maturity Framework

devops framework culture process tools

Start the Ascent to Modernization

Mader and the rest of the Vertical Trail team believe that DevOps is a journey. The scope of modern development consists of tiers, of which you can’t expect full maturity overnight. In order to improve maturity, it’s critical to identify and prioritize the maturity areas which will require change. Vertical Trail has built a modern development accelerator, called Velociraptor.


DevOps accelerator continuous development


Velociraptor gives your organization the right tools, knowledge, and processes to add velocity to your development efforts.

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