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Pushing the Limits with Dataiku

Pushing the Limits with Dataiku

Posted by Matt Sweetnam


Jul 03, 2019


Company News

Dataiku’s Human-Centered AI Conference: EGG NYC 2019

Vertical Trail had an exciting week collaborating with Dataiku and their clients in New York City. Several members of our technical team were invited to participate in new Dataiku training sessions that continued to advance our expertise on the Dataiku DSS platform. Our managing partner, Larry Pollastrini, also met with Dataiku leadership and elite partners to discuss best practices as part of Dataiku’s Partner Day. 


At the end of the week, the Vertical Trail team participated in Dataiku’s annual AI conference, EGG NYC 2019. With over 25 keynote sessions from a diverse group of executive leaders in data – from brands such as American Airlines, Disney, GE Aviation, and Mercedes Benz – this year’s conference empowered attendees with valuable insights from some of the world’s most innovative companies working to scale machine learning and AI. 


Together, We Drive Data Science.

Following this year’s conference, Larry Pollastrini, our managing partner, shared more on why we first joined with Dataiku to further accelerate our clients’ path to enterprise AI. “Vertical Trail was initially exposed to Dataiku while designing and deploying an enterprise data science solution for one of our global clients several years back. We were impressed almost instantly with the quality of their software and its value to operationalizing and scaling machine learning and data science for our clients,” says Pollastrini.


We have used Dataiku’s software as part of our advanced analytics solutions for many clients across the country. As a result, we have become experts in implementing the Dataiku DSS platform for the maturation of clients’ data science practices.


To learn more about our partnership with Dataiku, click here.


Fueling Data Science at Scale.

Vertical Trail accelerates the speed to scale and specializes in many of the underlying technologies that optimize DSS deployments. Because we have deployed many advanced analytics and Big Data solutions, particularly in AWS and Azure, we are highly skilled at deploying DSS quickly and optimally to allow immediate value. Most importantly, we implement those environments with integrated data security across the enterprise including on-prem active directory, Dataiku DSS, and Amazon EMR. We also provide ongoing support for Dataiku with Big Data and Analytics Managed Services. 


Big Data and Analytics Managed Services.

Graphic depiction of Vertical Trail's support of cloud, big data and data science technologies

What’s Ahead?

We connected with some great companies at EGG this year to discuss ideas to help organizations on their enterprise path to AI. We’re excited for future collaborations with Dataiku so that we can continue to accelerate innovation in data science, machine learning, and AI. 


If you’re interested in learning more about implementing Dataiku DSS platform for the maturation of your data science practice, contact us.


If you’re unsure of where your organization lies on the analytics maturity curve or simply know that you’d like to advance from current capabilities, sign up to learn more about our complimentary Immersion Workshop.






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