The Cloud is Changing the Role of Database Administrators

The Cloud is Changing the Role of Database Administrators

Posted by Rachel Morgan


Mar 20, 2018




DBAs Rejoice: Your Database is About to be Autonomous!


Vertical Trail Cloud Architect Eric Mader shares his expertise on cloud-based Relational Database Services in an article that was recently posted on SELECT, the online intelligence hub of the Oracle technology and database community.

In his article, Mader discusses “one of the common misconceptions about any cloud-based Relational Database Service… that it is essentially a ‘DBA-as-a-Service’.”

Refuting the idea that “all of the database administration tasks are handled by the cloud provider, and there is no need for a DBA to provide her functional expertise,” Eric discusses the changing – but still important – role of the DBA in cloud transformations. View the full article to learn more.


From the IUOG: This article is part four of a six-part series by editors of IOUG SELECT and Big Data Quarterly on ‘The Changing Role of the Modern DBA’. This six-part series will be running over the course of the next three months, with three articles appearing on SELECT and three articles appearing on Big Data Quarterly. 

Catch up on the entire series:

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