Changing IT Roles in a DevOps World

Changing IT Roles in a DevOps World

Posted by Lawrence Pollastrini


Nov 30, 2017



DevOps represents a paradigm shift for many organizations. In a nutshell, previously siloed Development and Operations teams are now working on a unified, cyclical pipeline. Implementing a DevOps practice is not as simple as creating a DevOps team or using a specific toolset, however. Like agile, it is an organization-wide methodology that requires a defined strategy and operating model, as well as changes to how Development and Operations teams are structured and how they operate.

As Eric Mader, DevOps Solutions Specialist at Vertical Trail, describes in the Independent Oracle User Group’s SELECT blog, even traditional roles such as Oracle Middleware Administrators play a slightly different role in an organization with a mature DevOps practice.

You can also learn more about how Vertical Trail is working with DevOps to accelerate growth and add value.


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