Using Credit Card on Laptop Online Banking

Applying Data Science in Finance

Karl Roth | 09/13/2019 | Articles

There’s no question that financial service organizations have access to copious amounts of data, but these emerging technologies allow them to leverage more of their data than ever before to drive better insights into their biggest business challenges, including fraud detection, risk management, churn detection, regulatory reporting, personalization of services, and new customer segment identification.

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How Banks Can Harness Data to Reinvent the Customer Experience

Ananth Mohan | 10/08/2018 | Articles

Digital banking has evolved significantly over the past decade, completely transforming the financial marketplace. In today’s digital world, it has become commonplace for banking customers to use mobile apps and online portals for many banking needs. There are countless apps that are dedicated to transferring money. There are apps exclusively for budgeting, saving, or investing…

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