How AI is Advancing BI

How AI is Advancing BI

Posted by Mike Echlin


Nov 27, 2018



Vapor vs. Viable

From casual use in pop culture and media to real-world implementation in sophisticated technology firms, the phrase “Artificial Intelligence” is a powerful marketing tool. There is a lot of promise in the extraordinary capabilities of AI – and there are a lot of claims being made, to varying degrees of truth. The belief is so certain that many tech companies have begun selling AI products that are still in the concept stage, or that aren’t really AI at all.

At Vertical Trail, we build real solutions for our clients, incorporating a very practical and achievable approach to integrating AI into common business functions. We partnered with a company called to start exploring how we could leverage our years of Big Data expertise to create a product that helps our clients get immediate value from their substantial investments in data wrangling.

Why AI?

In 2018, AI is still a very esoteric term, with a host of definitions and differing opinions on what truly constitutes “Intelligence.”

In spite of the term’s many definitions, most enterprises will see a benefit to their organization in some form of AI, but may not know how to get from idea to functional solution. That’s where we come in.

Our approach starts with a compelling use case. With our enterprise clients, these initial use cases typically include helping their business analysts get spontaneous insights from aggregated data. But before we tackle the entire data warehouse, we start with a few core metrics, using conversational queries to get in-depth answers from a few data points. When we can skip traditional report-pulling and simply ask, “How are sales this quarter compared to last?” – we’re just getting started.


Smartbots AI Technology Flow


SmartBots + Troodon = The Talking Dinosaur

We first set out to provide our clients with an intelligent analytics platform that could accelerate their ability to benefit from the hidden, predictive insights in their data. To this end, Vertical Trail created Troodon, an Analytics Hub that accelerates the deployment of a full lifecycle data analytics platform.

Traditionally, one of the most challenging aspects of Big Data analytics is the organizational use of data visualizations – so much so that an entire aspect of data science has evolved around the need for practical mining and interpretation of data. But when we integrate SmartBots into an analytics platform, any stakeholder can query metrics and gain insights simply by using natural language.

The integration of the SmartBots interface and AI / Machine Learning into the Troodon platform means that we can now use this advanced analytics solution with little more than a conversational inquiry.

SmartBots has pioneered the application of Amazon Lex‘s Natural Language Processing (NLP) power to take a giant evolutionary step for AI. Integrating this technology into Troodon means we can help our clients harness this power, addressing their most high-impact use cases and bringing value to their business.

Drawing on our tenure as a solutions provider in the healthcare and financial verticals, we have already begun to implement real SmartBots / Troodon solutions, including wearable health monitoring with Bot assistance, and on-demand insights into customer engagement.

Talk to Troodon

Want to see how a chat with Troodon can benefit your business? If you have questions about anything from Bot integrations to building a fully-fledged analytics engine, our team of experts will be happy to help. Contact us to learn more.



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