Advanced Analytics Immersion Workshop

Vertical Trail would like to offer you a complimentary Analytics Immersion Workshop.

We’ve found that many of our clients struggle to identify the true value around specific use cases that could be served by improved analytics. So, we created our Analytics Immersion Workshop to better understand your organization and work with you to unveil the true value in your data.

Our managing partners, along with our team of experts, will come to you to conduct this two to four hour workshop, at no cost, or obligation to you.


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Analytics Use Case Immersion Workshop


Workshop Outcomes


The primary outcomes of our Analytics Immersion Workshop are to:

  Define a process and selection criteria to identify and prioritize high-value analytics use cases for your organization.

•  Identify and rank an initial group of potential high-value use cases that align with your business strategy.

•  Understand some new methods by which to deliver high-value use case insights using modern data technology and analytics techniques.


About Vertical Trail

Vertical Trail provides modern data-driven solutions built to run in the cloud. We use open source technology to create new and innovative solutions that improve performance, deliver meaningful impacts, and accelerate outcomes. Our passion is data. We believe the answers to today’s greatest challenges lie within data. Vertical Trail is focused on exposing high-value and life-changing insights that improve your ability to compete and grow.

Vertical Trail helps businesses discover the true value in their data.

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Contact us to learn more about our Analytics Immersion Workshop. Please provide your contact information below, and we will set up a time for you to speak to one of our managing partners to further discuss the details of this complimentary offer.