Big Data and Analytics Services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Service Delivery EMR Partner, Vertical Trail leverages AWS technologies to deliver data-driven solutions. Advanced big data and analytics solutions on AWS will help your company unlock the full potential of the data you’ve already collected, as well as explore new ways to access, collect and make sense of data in ways that were never before possible. Vertical Trail helps businesses discover the true value in their data.

We get the most out of Big Data by using AWS services to help deliver outcomes and insights that change the world.

Unlock the Potential in Data

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We leverage AWS Services to deliver advanced Big Data Solutions


Data is Our Passion.


We believe the answers to today’s greatest challenges lie within data. Vertical Trail is focused on exposing high-value and life-changing insights that improve the ability to compete and grow. We implement end-to-end solutions for managing and analyzing Big Data on-premise and in the cloud.

Big Data Consulting Services


Unified Data Strategy

Modern Data Architecture

Collection and Aggregation

IoT Integration

Managed Big Data Services

Packaged Big Data Solutions

We have two ready-to-deploy big data solutions: our Big Data Analytics Hub and Managed Big Data.


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Our Big Data Analytics Hub, Troodon, is an intelligent analytics Platform as a Service (PaaS) that leverages AWS services to allow any organization the opportunity to benefit from the insights obtained from all types of data. A pre-built, fully-managed solution, Troodon yields valuable insights to help businesses understand the challenges of the day and predict outcomes for the future.

Managed Big Data


Vertical Trail offers the most comprehensive Managed Big Data Solution in the industry today. Our global team of Hadoop and IoT specialists innovate, administer, and support enterprise Big Data environments hosted in AWS.

Case Studies


From Big Data to Big Break

We were featured on the AWS Partners blog (APN blog) for our project with AWS and Gigable to connect music fans with new artists and find them in concert.


Accelerating Analytics for Actionable Solutions

A home products manufacturing company was working to develop custom solutions around their products by integrating delivery of data and insights that would improve operational efficiency for their customers. Vertical Trail was engaged to deploy a big data solution on cloud-based services from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Built with AWS

Vertical Trail is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Data & Analytics Competency status as well Service Delivery EMR qualifications.

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Unlock the Potential in Data

We get the most out of Big Data by using AWS services to help deliver outcomes and insights that change the world. We provide a complimentary call to determine how we can best help your organization in its data transformation. Provide your contact information below, and one of our team experts will be in touch to get you started on your path to success.