Avoid Extinction: Modernize Development

Vertical Trail and Amazon Web Services have partnered to bring you an event on rapid business evolution through the modernization of software development.

Event Details:
When: Wednesday, December 12th, 2018
Time: 9:00 - 1:00pm CST
Where: Amazon Corporate, Room 14.102 (227 W. Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60606)


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Join us at the Amazon offices in Chicago on Wednesday, December 12th from 9am-1pm for an event organized by Vertical Trail and Amazon Web Services. Learn how your organization can benefit from compressing and accelerating modern software development.

Keynote Speaker, Kelly Looney, SI Practice Lead of DevOps for AWS, will be discussing how Amazon accelerates their development efforts. We believe that utilizing new technologies and processes are critical in enabling constant innovation. Implementing DevOps can help to achieve this goal. DevOps isn’t merely the joining of development and operations; it’s an interconnected approach involving culture, people, processes, and tools within your organization.



“Our Advanced Consulting Partner, Vertical Trail, has created an offering called Velociraptor on AWS that helps organizations quickly identify, address and accelerate a DevOps program irrespective of where an organization is in their DevOps evolution – without creating additional complexity or technical debt.”

Kelly Looney, SI Practice Lead – DevOps, Amazon Web Services




Accelerate Innovation.

Organizations that innovate faster remain competitive and thrive in the rapidly changing digital economy. In today’s world, innovation is a business requirement. We believe constant innovation can only happen with the implementation of DevOps to enable agile software delivery. In response, Vertical Trail has built a modern development accelerator on AWS:



Velociraptor – Vertical Trail’s AWS Development Accelerator – helps you determine the right development path for your company, and helps key business, IT operations, and development stakeholders understand the concepts, processes, and tools required to increase the velocity of development.

As fast as a modern-day racehorse and extremely agile, the Velociraptor is also famous for its keen and ruthless hunting acumen. The Velociraptor on AWS was designed with these features in mind, allowing our clients the opportunity to swiftly overtake their respective markets. By leveraging key Amazon Web Services (AWS) products to unleash the full potential of DevOps, Velociraptor on AWS delivers high-quality software in release cycles more than 10 times faster than traditional methods.

Providing expert guidance for multiple development approaches, Velociraptor on AWS incorporates acceleration workshops and a modern toolset to build your company a complete roadmap to high-speed adoption.

The complete roadmap provided by the Velociraptor on AWS aligns DevOps tools, Agile development principles, and optimized processes to deliver outstanding software products that capture market share. Velociraptor on AWS is fully adaptable and can be integrated into almost any organization.

Velociraptor gives your company the right tools, knowledge, and processes to add velocity to your development efforts.



Velociraptor leverages AWS technology to enable high-performance software development.

Velociraptor Delivery 

Within weeks, Vertical Trail works to implement Velociraptor in alignment with your company’s goals. In the initial phase, we work with your team to conduct workshops to better understand company goals and evaluate the people, processes, and tools of your organization. As a result, we will be able to assess your organization from a maturity perspective and provide your team with a maturity action plan.

Velociraptor Results

From there, we begin integrating a modern DevOps toolkit and implementing accelerators. In a matter of weeks, we will deliver a DevOps environment built and tested with real-time applications in AWS. At the culmination of the project, Vertical Trail will present an executive overview with a three-month prioritized action plan.



Development Acceleration Framework



Built with AWS


The Velociraptor on AWS was built in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The following key AWS techonologies play a crucial role in this solution:

AWS CodeCommit     AWS CodePipeline   |   AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CloudWatch   |   AWS CloudTrail   

   AWS CloudFormation   |   AWS OpsWorks


Amazon Service Catalog


Vertical Trail is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Service Delivery EMR Partner. Find us on the AWS Partner Network (APN).



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Start the Ascent with AWS Velociraptor


Interested in learning more about our modern development accelerator, Velociraptor? Contact us. We provide a complimentary introductory call to help us better understand how we can help your business succeed in its IT transformation.